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Chainformation helps O’Learys Grow from Local to Global Concept

Founded in 1988, O'Learys is Sweden's leading sports bar and restaurant chain with over 70 restaurants in 7 countries and broadly recognized for its American Sports Bar theme and American styled food. 

The CCM franchise software platform by Chainformation provides the O’Learys network with custom built, easy-to-use tools for the daily operations of a restaurant. In addition to serving as the restaurant chain’s main delivery vehicle of know-how, business critical data and content, the platform now streamlines communication into one single platform that offers:


  • Faster, role-based communication
  • Digital franchise manuals
  • Marketing Design Templates and Execution tools
  • Brand and Identity Guidelines
  • Daily Sales Reporting


“A successful franchise must provide its locations with tools that simplify and improve the daily operations. Not only do you need a tool that streamlines communications, you also need a platform that enables collaboration and sharing of content - and most importantly - is built according to the unique requirements of the franchise industry. For O’Learys, the CCM franchise software by Chainformation met all these requirements,” says Christian Bellander, Chief Operating Officer at O’Learys.


Type of business: Franchised resturant/
sports bar concept.
Number of markets: 7


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