An integrated cloud platform to help franchise and multi site managers to better support local operators to be compliant with all standard operating procedures and routines

Chainformation exists for multi site businesses and franchises that take controlled growth seriously. We work with business owners who know that standing still means falling back and who therefore constantly seek out the best solutions to boost compliance, growth and profitability.

Being a suite of smart and easy-to-use features, the Chainformation platform will simplify and streamline many daily and tedious tasks together with enhancing daily communication. It’s designed to help staff across the network to follow guidelines, systems and branding, facilitating the seamless transfer of information and knowledge between different employees in different locations.

As a cloud-based platform, Chainformation makes all data and functionality available 24/7 anywhere on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

The Chainformation platform is highly scalable and fully customizable to match your unique needs, no matter the size of your network, what industry you work in or which processes and routines you follow. As your network grows and changes, the platform will grow along with it and any new features you need can be added at any time. It also integrates with other systems and services should you need it to.

Interactive smart checklists

Help your coworkers to get their work done by making sure that recurring and critical tasks are tracked and managed with digital interactive checklists that promote active check-ins.

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The optimal social network

Share a quick story, offer congratulations and give important updates, all in a familiar environment in which people are encouraged to connect to each other and to share information.

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Computers, tablets and smartphones

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re used to being able to access information in real-time on whatever device we happen to be using. Chainformation is fully responsive and can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones, and all of the data is stored securely in the cloud.

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Instant file and media sharing

Share and access important files, current campaign media and relevant marketing materials from an integrated media library. Simple sharing, timely updating and role-based permissions all come together so that files and media are available only to the right people at the right time.

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Role and area based access

Powerful access level control allows for targeted sharing and information delegation. Extremely flexible and built to fit any network structure – big, small, local or global –Chainformation allows you to set up multiple permissions with just a few clicks.

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Track compliance

All activity within the intranet is continuously tracked and can be analyzed at any point. Find out which users are accessing what information and see in real-time if important news is yet to reach your franchisees.

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