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Here is a compressed list with most of the relevant features and functions available in Chainformation

Features of Chainformation | Franchise Operations Software

Chainformation is the comprehensive digital solution for franchise management and operational excellence. Our platform is designed to empower multi-site businesses and franchises with a wide range of features that streamline operations, enhance communication, enforce brand standards, and drive growth. 

Role-based access & permissions
The system offers a variety of options to control access to information and functions based on different user levels. Permissions can freely and easily be created based on a selection of attributes. Read more

Interactive smart checklists, task manager and online forms
Help your coworkers to get their work done by making sure that recurring and critical tasks are tracked and managed with digital interactive checklists and task-manager that promote active check-ins. The integrated form builder allows for data collection, polls, tests and user feedback. Read more

Track read compliance
All activity within the platform is continuously tracked and can be analyzed at any point. Find out which users are accessing what information and see in real-time if important updates are yet to be read by the target audience.

The internal social network

Share a quick story, offer congratulations and give important updates, all in a familiar environment in which people are encouraged to connect to each other and share information and best practices. Do it all in a platform that YOU control, which is more private and versatile than Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook and other social networks.

Digital handbooks and S.O.Ps.
It’s easy to manage critical information like handbooks with the integrated Pages module. Text, images, files, links and videos can easily be integrated within your pages. Content can be quickly sorted and grouped by multiple variables thanks to intelligent Tags and access levels, making it super easy to search for and find what you’re looking for.
More needle – less haystack! Read more

User management
Chainformation offers several different ways to add and edit user accounts.

  1. Import: Via excel file
  2. Manually: Either centrally or delegated through the role-based hierarchy.
  3. Self-Application: New users can easily apply for access directly on the login page.
  4. Integration: With the Chainformation APIs, customers can integrate and sync with other systems and databases. 

Effortlessly Create, Share, and Access Content with Smart Features
Chainformation simplifies the process of sharing information with your coworkers. Whether it’s texts, posts, videos, or chats, you can create and distribute a comprehensive online handbook, internal newsletters, marketing guidelines, and more in a matter of minutes. Recipients only receive the content relevant to their role, eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant information and saving valuable time.

Accessible on Any Device
In today’s fast-paced world, we expect real-time access to information across various devices. Chainformation is fully compatible with desktops, tablets, and apps for mobile devices, ensuring access to information whenever and wherever users need it. Rest assured that all your data is securely stored in the cloud with daily backups in place.

Designed for Complex Networks
If you manage a large and diverse network of locations, Chainformation has the flexibility to meet your needs. We cater to international, multi-branded organizations, providing tailored setups for local, national, and global networks.

Effortless Version Control
Every content page includes a change-log, enabling you to track, save, and revert changes effortlessly. Version handling is automated, generating new versions as soon as a page is updated. This feature is particularly valuable for updating manuals and handbooks where traceability is crucial.

Automated News and Notifications
It’s easy for staff to stay informed in real-time with automated push notifications. As soon as information is shared or updated, the platform can send notifications to those affected. Additionally, weekly or daily email summaries remind users of any unread items, ensuring important updates are not missed.

Seamless File and Media Sharing with Powerful Search
Easily share and access files, training documents, and marketing materials through the integrated media library. With simple sharing, timely updating, and role-based permissions, files and media are only available to the right people at the right time. Our powerful search engine provides instant, precise results, even as users type in the search box. It efficiently searches text inside files stored in the library, further enhancing usability and efficiency. Read more

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Using Chainformation as a digital platform for our manuals and daily routines has made it easier for everyone, including HQ management, supervisors and employees. Our documents and communication has come ‘alive’ and our employees love having access to up-to-date information.

Andréa Abrahamsson
Head of Hotel Development & New Establishment

We needed an intelligent software platform that facilitated daily communication and could guide and educate our organization about our brand concept.

Anders Lundblad
Marketing Director

The number one advantage has been that now they can read the newsletter on their smartphones.

Anneli Ågren Östlund
Marketing Director