As a Franchisee operating a multi-location or even a multi-brand network, we think you’d agree that it’s a pretty complex affair and can offer some “interesting” challenges.

One of the the keys to success is consistent execution and adherence to set standards across all locations.


Now, that seems easy enough, right? So what could possibly go wrong?!


Whether your franchise business involves restaurants, fitness centers, retail stores, or any other industry, we’ve got you covered. Chainformation offers comprehensive tools and features for managing multi-brand, multi-location franchises effectively.
From following diverse brand requirements and distinct operational strategies to overseeing local operational standards, audits and streamlining communication within your network.

For businesses like yours, we specifically designed and developed Chainformation, a smart App-based suite of clever and powerful features making operations just run smoother.

You have more to juggle than any circus artist!

As a multi-location/brand franchisee, you need to juggle various operations and brand specific requirements.

The key to success in such a setup is ensuring that all locations function consistently and effectively, without compromising the unique essence of each brand.

Chainformation is equipped with franchise-specific technology solutions to help streamline your operations, improve communication, and maintain brand consistency, no matter how many brands and locations your business encompasses.

Simplify Operations Across Brands

Chainformation brings efficiency to your daily routines by digitizing operations support and procedures, removing all need for paper based and manual handling. We even help you reduce the amount of apps, systems and different platforms you probably already are bogged down with.
With our feature-rich platform, you create digital, interactive checklists for tasks like daily routines, safety rounds, monthly audits, campaign launches, and more. Each brand in your portfolio can have its unique set of checklists, ensuring their distinct identity is respected while maintaining consistency in operations across all brands and units in your portfolio.


Accountability Measures

“What gets measured – gets done!” Assign tasks to specific roles or individuals in your network, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability. Our platform ensures transparent tracking of duties helping you and your GM’s manage your brands effectively.
No more “- What!! Was I supposed to fix that..?” or “-I swear, I did clean the restrooms properly..”


Efficient Communication Across Networks

Communicate swiftly and efficiently with all your units, across all your brands – through this one unified hub you have full control. Get out from the quagmyre of different chat-apps, emails and text messages. Send updates, share routines, and track real-time responses, ensuring synchronized functioning of your diverse network with the flick of a thumb. 


Seamless Sharing and Access Control

With Chainformation, you can decide what information should be shared with which job-roles, in which Brands, by simply choosing the appropriate sharing selection of your central and global content. This ensures that the right information reaches the right people, in the right places at the right time, maintaining brand-specific confidentiality and control.


Simplified Training and Onboarding

Chainformation makes onboarding new staff a breeze. In the App they access structured training information and knowledge tests can be launched to ensure staff members across all your brands understand their roles and adhere to the brand-specific protocols.

Clear Insights Into Performance Across Brands
Our built-in reporting feature provides insights into how your franchises are performing. Review the status of checklists, identify which units are lagging behind, and address issues efficiently.

Safety Compliance Across the Board
Ensure safety across all your brands with our regular safety inspection checklists. Uphold safety standards and compliance across all your franchise locations.


Investing in Chainformation is not just about improving your operations; it’s about nurturing and enhancing each brand under your franchise, fostering growth while maintaining individuality.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Chainformation can turbo-charge your franchise operations. The journey towards a smarter management of your multi-brand franchise future starts here.