O’Learys grew from a local to a global restaurant concept with a laser focus on franchise support and brand compliance

O’Learys was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1988 and consists of informal event restaurants with a “Bostonian neighborhood bar” style. Any O’Learys restaurant is to be the ultimate sports arena in that you can enjoy good food, cold drinks and great service to go with your favourite sports on the screens.

O’Learys has over the years grown to an international chain of restaurants in a dozen countries, with network wide sales of over €200 million and two “Franchise of the Year” awards from the industry organization Svensk Franchise (Swedish Franchise Association).

Challenge and needs

As O’Learys developed their operations and expanded internationally, executives at O’Learys acknowledged that having many restaurant locations with their own processes, working independently, caused inefficiency and communication issues that could prove harmful to both the customer experience, and ultimately brand equity.

O’learys franchisees range from single-unit operators to area developers and Master Franchises responsible for several restaurants in their market. The restaurants themselves can be quite large with 40-50 employees with different roles and responsibilities.

The company decided to laser focus on creating a consistent brand experience, to tool up, and provide its franchise network with a highly integrated and flexible work platform that enabled communication, collaboration and content to be shared with speed and efficiency around the globe. By doing so, the company believed it would be better equipped to manage its brand in times of speedy growth.

According to Christian Bellander, COO: “- With rapid expansion comes a great responsibility to provide the members of your franchise network with the right tools to succeed. Not only do you need a tool that facilitates day-to-day communications – you also need an intelligent software platform that meets the unique requirements of the franchise business model”.

An organization of this size generates a lot of information on a daily basis. This includes everything from strategically updating operations manuals to daily newsflashes on delivery delays, campaigns and general events. For a strong and fast growing brand it’s imperative to secure operational compliance at all levels, thus ensuring that guests experience the same great O’learys food and athmosphere in any and all locations.

Our solution

Chainformation supported O’Learys in the transformation and growth from a local business into an international franchise network with best-in-class operating and working processes. Their central support office and franchise managers can share and update all information in real time through the Chainformation platform, directly reaching every corner of the network in real time. And when O’Learys enters a new market, they can quickly create corresponding structures in the system and copy global conceptual manuals and standard operating procedures. With features for mandatory read, head office and franchise managers can monitor so all information and any updates reaches out and get read by all.

O’Learys use Chainformation to store, share and communicate all of their internal information, creating a three-dimensional role and access rights structure which also manages different languages for every market. Each employee only get access to information and tools specific and relevant to their role and function. With 24/7 global access to relevant and updated information and the use of direct notifications ensures that the entire workforce always is up to date.


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