Efficient start-up help and support for new customers

We are completely focused on your success and to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you get all the support you need, we work closely with your team during the first 4-6 weeks of getting started.

We understand it’s a new system for you, and although it is super easy to work with, there will be some new routines to learn. You appoint a colleague or a team that is assigned the responsibility to work with us and after just a few weeks everything should be in place and you are ready to launch the platform to your users.

Depending on which package you choose, the onboarding project includes a variety of hours, and we are, of course, flexible in adapting the on-boarding to specific requirements.

4 week On-boarding steps

First week

  • Your project goals and expectations
  • Structure and access levels
  • Organisational match
  • User Levels and Roles
  • Tags / Categories

Second week

  • Design / Layout
  • Page templates
  • Widgets
  • File library
  • User management
  • Step 1 feedback

Third week

  • Content
  • Pages
  • Manuals and handbooks
  • File Sharing
  • Posts and comments
  • Step 2 feedback

Fourth week

  • Search function
  • End User training plan
  • Roll-out plan
  • Feedback of steps 1-3
  • Launch !

Choose a level that suits your needs and resources. We can of course tailor the on-boarding according to any specific needs you might have.

Basic (required)

  • €750
  • 3 hour startup help with online meetings via screen sharing. We help you with the setup of a basic platform structure.


  • €1750
  • 8 hour startup help with online meetings via screen sharing. We help you with customizing the platform’s settings, importing users and units and setup a standardized platform structure.


  • €2750
  • 16 hour start-up help with meetings online via screen sharing or physically (offered separately). We relieve your organization during the start-up by being an available resource, and together we set up the project based on your needs.

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