Cloud based tools for support and quality control of daily routines in a restaurant network

For a franchised network of restaurants, as for many other multi-site industries, the question of success or failure is directly linked to guests’ experience in relation to their expectations. The crucial factors are the quality of the product (food and drink), service (people) and atmosphere (people+location).

Guests expect food that is well prepared, tastes good and does not make them sick. They want impeccable service from knowledgeable staff, and they want a clean, comfortable and safe environment. Of course, the ambitions differ between different brands, but basically these are the rules of the game.

You as the owner or manager of the concept know exactly what is required. Your brand was definitely not built overnight, and a strong brand is crafted after years of careful customer service, development of menus and restaurants, consistent marketing and by constantly responding to guests’ feedback.

Geographically dispersed restaurants are a challenge

In addition, leading and supporting a network of geographically dispersed restaurants or cafés offers a much greater challenge than running a single local unit. If the various restaurants on top of that are independently owned by franchisees, the complexity increases rapidly.

The challenge lies in ensuring that guests have a consistent experience in all restaurants, regardless of whether you have 5 or 500 units. You all share a common, customer facing Brand and as the network grows and is scattered across a city, region or perhaps half the world, the challenge of cohesion increases exponentially.

You need tools and methods to make your operational support and quality systems scalable, without growing central admin. Maintaining operational consistency relies on all employees understanding and being able to work according to your common brand standards and conceptual framework.

At the same time, both the local manager and central functions need to be able to follow up, so all restaurants meet these requirements on a daily basis. Nothing kills your brand faster than individual restaurants “freestyling” with their own solutions, confusing and/or disappointing guests.

However – you’ve just found the solution to these challenges!

Your entire restaurant concept is based on your own “recipe” and “secret sauce”, your success factors and those who interact with guests daily have to be immersed in it. Recipes, supplier agreements, marketing materials, templates, manuals, policies, routines, any and all ongoing information about what happens need to be on-line and easy for everyone to reach.

All this can be handled digitally in the Chainformation Compliance platform. With role-based permissions, multi-language and access on any device 24/7, information is available then and there it’s needed. Built-in digital checklists provide staff with efficient tools to handle all recurring routines and to-dos, completely without paper or email torrents. Opening routines, shift change, front-of-house, back-of-house, cleaning routines etc etc. Reports and deviations are automatically notified to both central and local managers in real time.

If needed, local teams can be given permissions to manage their own checklists and chat groups.

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