Wayne´s Coffee

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As a fast growing international chain, Wayne’s Coffee needed to find a way to spread internal news quickly and efficiently

Wayne’s Coffee was founded in 1994 and has since grown to become one of Sweden’s largest café chains, with 125 locations in Sweden and around the world. But rapid growth and internationalization brought its own set of challenges, one of which was the need to foster communication across all franchisees and employees.

Challenge and needs

It’s always been important for Wayne’s Coffee to continuously share the chain’s current news and activities with its employees, and the main way that they did this was with a weekly internal newsletter. The problem was that this took up time and resources each week as marketing staff at the company’s headquarters manually collected and compiled information from key people across the organization.

It also took time to create PDF files in InDesign and to send those files out to recipients. As well as combatting large file sizes clogging up corporate email inboxes, PDFs are also less than ideal for mobile devices. This was becoming a growing problem as more and more employees chose to check their emails from their mobile phones.

Our solution

We worked with Wayne’s Coffee to make the move from internal newsletters to the Chainformation platform. Anneli Ågren Östlund, Wayne’s Coffee’s marketing manager and the stakeholder responsible for the development of the newsletters, explained: “It was both easier and faster, and production time has been cut in half.”

Chainformation allowed Anneli to create the base content using existing templates and then to share it with other key stakeholders, who could also submit news of their own. When the newsletter was ready, Anneli could easily share it with her choice of recipients.

“The number one advantage has been that now they can read the newsletter on their smartphones.”
– Anneli Ågren Östlund

Thanks to Chainformation’s mobile optimization and responsive design, staff at Wayne’s Coffee can read the newsletter without any problems, no matter where they are and what device they’re using.

In 2017, Wayne’s Coffee was named as the winner of the Franchise Chain of the Year at a ceremony at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  

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Advanced Heading

“Getting the prize as the franchise chain of the year means a lot to us. It’s not just the recognition that we have a successful business concept. The prize also makes us much more attractive in the eyes of potential franchisees. Our chain has grown from one café to 125 cafes, EUR 65 million in sales in 2016 and presences in five countries. The first franchisee from 1997 is still in our franchise system, which is continuing to develop all the time.”
– Mats Hörnell, CEO of Wayne’s Coffee


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