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The merger of two brands to become the Nordic region’s largest member-owned chain required clear internal communication, transparency and continuity

The Colorama chain was formed in early 2007 after the merger of national voluntary chains Spektrum and Färgtema. With around 165 stores in Sweden and purchasing partnerships in Norway and Finland, Colorama is the largest independent color retailer in the Nordic region.

Challenge and needs

Common purchasing power is one of the most immediate and obvious benefits of building a chain, but as a member-owned chain there are also many obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest lies in executing centrally coordinated programs, which are rarely a problem for a centrally owned chain.

Creating a network of individual stores, with their own history and their own systems and routines, requires a high level of collaboration, clarity and communication. So with over 1,000 employees from Ystad to Kiruna, Colorama was fully aware that efficient internal communication and a common platform for cooperation would be critical for the success of the chain.

Our solution

With Chainformation, Colorama was able to provide all of its stores with quick and easy access to a common platform. Through the consistent enhancement of internal communications and ongoing support for each store, Colorama was able to build the strongest brand in its industry. Members could run their stores more efficiently because they had access to real-time information including price changes, new supplier agreements, campaign support, media assets and more.

By integrating reporting tools, business systems, e-learning and other third-party systems, the stores were able to quickly access everything they needed through a common platform.

“We needed an intelligent software platform which facilitated day-to-day communications and which was also able to guide and educate our organization about our brand concept.”
– Anders Lundblad, Marketing Director at Colorama

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