Service based franchises have to be agile and require compliance to Standards of Performance at all levels across the network.

Service based brands are, if any, 100% people and communication centric businesses. You could say they are neither B2B or B2C, they are H2H – Human to Human, and the performance of each individual in the network stands in direct correlation to customer satisfaction and thus, growth and profitability of the  network. A critical success factor is your ability to communicate, react to and to synchronize operational standards, procedures and routines across all staff. Franchisees and local managers might also find themselves struggling to answer that all-important question: “What’s expected of me in my job for me to be rated as at least a satisfactory performer?”

Franchisees aren’t employees, and they often require the freedom to determine for themselves how a task should be performed. With that said, there’s also a critical point at which individual ambition can come in conflict with your standards of performance.

So how can you, as the brand owner, provide your organization with the best possible conditions to drive local success while simultaneously complying with your standards?

For franchisees to be able to comply with the system, it’s vital for them to have relevant, updated and easily available operations manuals, instructions and standards of performance. This will also support and improve the performance of lower-ranked employees. They help even unskilled workers to understand the importance of their role at the organization, along with the company’s expectations of them.

Franchisee employees are your brand’s most important ambassadors and executors. They represent an all-important first and last impression for many of your guests and customers, and they’ll be held strictly accountable for delivering a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has also made it clear that changes in routines and procedures have to be communicated and implemented at speed, and that any delays or non-compliance comes at a high price.

You need tools and methods to establish scalable operational support and quality control systems without growing your central admin. Maintaining operational consistency requires all employees to understand and to work according to your common brand standards and conceptual framework.

With a digital cloud platform like Chainformation, your brand’s collective know-how, standards and best practices can be easily made available to staff based on a need-to-know basis, governed by their role/function and job description. Our platform also includes fully-integrated mandatory read tracking and user statistics, powerful tools that give your brand control and additional oversight. Built-in digital task and checklist management systems provide staff with efficient tools to handle all recurring routines and to-dos without paper or dozens of emails. Reports and deviations are automatically forwarded to central or local managers in real-time so that nothing will ever be missed or forgotten again.

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Chainformation’s mobile access removes obstacles and allows any staffer to access the platform from any device, It’s perfect for younger employees and for mobile franchisees where the smartphone or tablet is a daily work tool. Tap into the power of flexible digital internal communications and use video as part of your manuals and training.

For example, you could create a series of short videos to instruct employees on what their attitudes towards guests should be, how they should conduct themselves when dealing with customers, what courtesies to show, etc. The goal is to make sure that the job is done right by all employees at all touchpoints.

Paper-based manuals and checklists, floods of email and countless chat apps and social media sites are no longer good enough. The most sustainable way to grow is with a single, unified communication and compliance platform for your entire network.

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