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For over two decades, Chainformation has empowered hundreds of brands across more than 12 countries, supporting daily operations at thousands of locations, including facilitating the needs of remote teams. Our expertise spans a multitude of sectors, demonstrating unparalleled commitment to enhancing efficiency and growth for our customers.

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Internal communication

The Challenge

Managing a multi-location brand shouldn’t be a juggling act. Inconsistent brand standards, inefficient communication, and complex operational processes are the enemies of growth and customer satisfaction. Feel like these hurdles are slowing you down?

How it works

Discover how we simplify multi-location management, bringing all your internal communications, information and tools into a single, streamlined platform with a straightforward interface. From Operations Manuals and Digital Checklists to Audits and targeted Communication, Chainformation is designed to ensure brand standards and improve support across all your locations.

Chainformation - Best Internal Business Communication App

Why Choose Us?

Core Benefits

Streamline Your Employee Engagement: One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Chainformation consolidates all essential tools into one seamless solution, tailor-made to accommodate your specific requirements and budget.

Regardless of your network’s size, industry, or operational procedures, Chainformation offers a cohesive alternative to the fragmented mix of apps and systems prevalent in today’s business landscape. Discover the perfect fit for your needs with us!

For Business in any industry
Chainformation can easily be fitted to your unique needs (and budget) – no matter the size of your network, what industry you’re in or which processes and routines you follow. We have a fit, look here!
We've collected every feature for your company
Chainformation can easily be fitted to your unique needs (and budget) – no matter the size of your network, what industry you’re in or which processes and routines you follow. We have a fit, look here!

We’re here to help you succeed, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We understand that the success of your franchise is crucial, and we’re dedicated to providing the support and tools you need to make it happen. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on performance and feedback. By listening to our customers, we can continously improve our products and services.

All Locations – All Staff – All Tools – All In One App

Whether you’re overseeing a few locations or managing a vast network of sites, Chainformation offers the ideal solution to enhance efficiency and fuel your expansion. Enjoy effortless management of multi-location operations with Chainformation’s comprehensive digital platform, accessible via any desktop or mobile devices.

Consolidate communication, tasks, and resources for all employees and sites into a single, user-friendly system. Streamline processes and strengthen your brand with essential functions accessible with just a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by business communication?

Business communication encompasses the exchange of information within and outside of a company, utilizing various communication channels to share ideas, make decisions, and promote services or products. Communication is critical for achieving business goals and fostering professional relationships.

This includes not only day-to-day interactions but also strategic communication that drives business objectives forward, ensuring everyone from stakeholders to employees is aligned with the company’s vision.

Effective communication ensures that all team members are on the same page, enhancing collaboration and company culture while boosting employee engagement. It is vital for maintaining consistent brand standards and effectively managing operations, especially across multiple locations.

Good internal communication skills prevent misunderstandings and foster a positive working environment, directly impacting an organization’s success.

The best business communication platform integrates diverse tools into a seamless system, user friendly interface, supporting video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing. Chainformation is exemplary, offering tailored solutions that accommodate the needs of various industries, enhancing communication and operational efficiency.

Internal communication refers to the methods and tools used to disseminate information within an organization. It involves strategies to keep all departments aligned with the company’s goals through effective internal communication tools like digital dashboards, communication apps, and employee communications applications.

Internal communication deals with sharing information within a company to promote team collaboration and maintain alignment with business goals, including effective project management. External communication involves interactions with external stakeholders, such as customers and partners, crucial for sustaining business growth and enhancing the company’s public image.

Both forms of communication are essential for a comprehensive communication strategy that supports the overall success and efficiency of the organization.

An internal communication tool facilitates the secure and efficient transfer of information within an organization. Chainformation provides a robust team communication app for this, including features for audio and video calls, assign tasks, secure communication protocols, and push notifications to ensure that all personnel are well-informed and engaged.

Tracking internal communication can be managed through advanced employee communications applications and productivity tools, which monitor engagement and provide feedback.

Chainformation offers such tools, ensuring that internal communications are up to date and effectively reaching all members of the organization, thus supporting a cohesive and engaged workplace and minimizes poor communication. Additionally, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring accessibility across different mobile platforms.