Training & Knowledge Management

Grow Skills

Help your team get better at what they do. With real-time on-the-job support tools, skill is easily acquired , making sure all can do their best, every day.

Key Benefits

Easy Learning

Put all your training stuff in one place. This way, everyone can find and learn what they need to know without trouble

Grow Skills

Help your team get better at what they do. Our training is fun and works for everyone, making sure they can do their best.

Be Consistent

Make sure every team member does things the right way, keeping your customers happy and your business running smoothly

How It Works

With Chainformation, sharing new information and supporting your team in understanding new tasks is simple. Whether you’re on-boarding new people or teaching your team new ways to work, our tool keeps learning ongoing. With easy access to knowledge and information, combined with digital Task Verification, every day is training day, improving skills to perfection.

Why Chainformation?

Chainformation is more than just a learning tool. It’s specially made for businesses with lots of locations, and where important and recurring tasks and routines are critical for adherence to standards.

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