Terms of support Chainformation Platform

General terms for Support and maintenance of the cloud service Chainformation Platform.


These general terms apply for providing support and maintenance (“Support”) from Chainformation Management Systems AB (“Chainformation”) to the Customer concerning the cloud service, Chainformation Platform (“Service”). Support is provided only after the Customer has paid the applicable support fee to Chainformation Partner or Chainformation and only in terms of the services, systems, information and/or services that are specified in the License and Support Agreement between a Chainformation Partner and/or Chainformation and the Customer (“License & Support Agreement”).

Support includes support via telephone, web, e-mail and other services as below, including Maintenance updates and Upgrade releases as below.

Support is not provided to any customized or third party applications, software or services unless a separate Ageement and payment terms for such services is signed by the Customer.

Support is available on regular Swedish/European work days (mo-fri) 8 am to 5 pm GMT+1


In addition to the definitions specified in the License & Support Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(a) “Error” means that the Service does not comply with the specifications that are listed in the documentation for the Service, which results in the Service not being able to be used or in a considerable limitation in usage. Errors are classified as priority A, B or C as below:

Priority A

  • The Service is seriously affected or inoperative.
  • Output is seriously affected.
  • The system’s handling of project-critical applications is inoperative.

Priority B

  • The service has reduced functionality.
  • The function unit is unstable with recurring interruptions.
  • Project-critical applications are not affected but system interruptions are occurring. Other time-critical issues affecting use or output.

Priority C

Smaller error that does not affect the overall functionality of the application and errors that there is a workaround for.

General information.

Need for clarification of procedures or information concerning documentation.

(b) “Debugging” refers either to a modification or addition to the Service, which rectifies the error or a procedure or routine, which during normal use of the Service, eliminates the practical negative effects of the error for the Customer.

(c) “Support period” refers to the time period for which the Customer has paid a Support fee according to the License & Support Agreement. The support period starts when the License & Support Agreement is signed as well as additional time that results from an extension of the Support period.

(d) “Maintenance release” refers to a subsequent version of the Service which contains corrections after Debugging and/or Upgrades.

(e) “Upgrade” refers to a change to the Service which is generally provided by Chainformation during the Support period, which includes new or changed functions, or which increases the information processing capacity of the Service. An Upgrade does not include providing a new service or functions for which special fees are paid. If there is a question as to what extent a certain service constitutes an Upgrade or a new service or new functionality, the opinion of Chainformation shall take precedence, assuming that Chainformation treats the new service as a new service or a new functionality for end users in general.


Chainformation shall take the necessary steps to provide Debugging to rectify or circumvent Errors in the Service. In addition, Debugging can occur by providing a temporary fix to be used until a Maintenance release is available that includes a permanent fix for the error. If an Error is rectified in a Maintenance release, the Customer is obliged to install and implement the Maintenance release in question.

After receiving the error report from the Customer, Chainformation determines the priority of the reported error, whereby the following levels and measures are applied:

Priority A

Chainformation immediately takes the following steps: (1) Chainformation immediately allocates expertise in order to start rectifying the Error within one (1) working day, (2) Chainformation provides on-going information regarding the status of the measures being taken to rectify the Error, and (3) Chainformation starts by providing a temporary work-around measure or fix.

Priority B

Chainformation allocates expertise in order to have started Debugging within five (5) working days. Chainformation takes the necessary steps to include a work-around or fix for Priority B errors in the next release of the Service.

Priority C

Chainformation shall generally take the necessary steps to rectify Errors in the subsequent version of the Service, which shall be provided within thirty (30) working days after registering the error.


During the Support period, Chainformation shall provide Maintenance releases with Upgrades to the Customer when and to the extent that these are made generally available by Chainformation.


Chainformation’s obligation to provide support and maintenance assumes that:

The Customer is taking every reasonable step to solve problems that have arisen in consultation with Chainformation;

The Customer provides the necessary information or required resources to allow the Error to be rectified, either at Chainformation or via remote connection to the Customer’s premises, including access to both required personnel as well as the hardware and software that was used when the error appeared, and that the Customer immediately installs all Maintenance releases.


Chainformation is not obligated to provide support in the following situations:

The Service has been changed, modified or damaged (however with the exception of changes made under the direction of Chainformation).

The Problem arose as a result of the Customer acting negligently or due to causes that are beyond the control of Chainformation.

The Problem originates from software that was provided by outside parties and which is not licensed through Chainformation.

The Customer has failed to install and implement the Maintenance releases, meaning that the version of the Service that the Customer is using is a version for which Chainformation no longer provides support.

The Customer has failed to upgrade the necessary work-around program assigned by Chainformation, as well as the correct version of the web browser.

The Customer has failed to pay overdue licenses or maintenance fees.