Customer Stories

The Nordic region’s largest specialist retailer for paint, home fixing and professional services, Colorama with its 170 local stores requires clear internal communications, transparency and fast store support. The Colorama chain was formed in early 2007 after the merger of the two market leading brands.

“We needed an intelligent software platform that facilitated daily communication and that could guide and educate our organization about our brand concept”
Anders Lundblad
Marketing Director at Colorama
N3zones is a fast-growing service franchise which was looking to strengthen its position as a market-leading supplier of anti-dirt/moisture flooring systems. N3zones was founded in Norway 1995 and now has franchisees across two countries.

“We wanted to collaborate with someone who not only had expertise in technical solutions and system integration, but also with a deep understanding of franchising and its challenges”
Dag Hognerud
CEO at N3zones
When I take a step back and think about how information flow was before “Jaktia World” (Chainformation). Back then it was e-mails, letters, and a lot of long phone calls, completely impossible to reach out quickly and efficiently with those tools.

In Jaktia World, we have built up our own library filled with information for all our stores.

We quickly and easily reach selected Roles in over 90 stores in three countries and can measure the reach of all posts and shares.

All communication from the head office to the store goes through Jaktia World. The stores also reach out to each other with requests for goods, warnings for theft gangs, etc.

Campaigns, concepts, invitations, feedback, training, information, marketing, all gathered in one place.
Annette Johansson
Operations Manager and Store Support, JAKTIA
With 3 different restaurant brands and 160+ locations over Europe, Asia and Middle East in the Social Eatertainment Group portfolio, the aspect of fluent internal communication is very important for us.

“We have been working with Chainformation since 2003, but this platform is so much more than just a communication channel. It also helps us to simplify and streamline daily operations at our venues, become more efficient in operational support and quality assurance within all our brands.”
Rasa Jonyte
Project & Operations Support Manager
Right from the beginning, it felt important that our organization had a communication platform where we can easily share common information and that we can quickly and easily reach out to everyone in the organization. Via, among other things, Chainformation's chat function, we have a constant flow of questions, requests or feedback. Another feature that we see great benefit from is the checklists that we have created to ensure in a controlled and thorough way that all our facilities work according to our concept. In the platform, we also share our common documents, templates and data.

We feel that we are world leaders in our industry and work hard to develop golf both Indoor and Range. Therefore, we are keen to convey and strengthen our unique concept in service, knowledge and competence. Through our posts about events, local events and internal communication, we strengthen our brand both internally, and in a second way, externally.

To easily follow our employees and their work, we use Chainformation's statistics where we can quickly provide support or help where needed. Via Chainformation and our strong concept, we can deliver the customer experience that leads development and changes golf forever.
Sofia Tegelman
Franchise manager, RUFF Golf