Reporting & Statistics

Stop Guessing - Start Knowing What's Happening

Today, information is absolutely critical in managing any business. But just “sharing” across all different channels is only half-way. You need to KNOW that critical info is actually READ. In Chainformation, you get this data as it keeps track of everything, so you can quickly see who’s reading what and who might need a little nudge. Imagine that for your Ops.Manual!

Key Benefits

Stay Informed

Quickly check who's active, who's reading important updates, and who might need more help to stay in the loop.

Act Fast

Find out fast if someone hasn't seen something important. This helps you keep everyone on the same page and your business running smoothly.

Easy to Use

Creating reports is just a few clicks away. You get a clear picture of everything, from anywhere, anytime.

How It Works

Our platform automatically logs what users do—like logging in and reading updates. With just a few clicks, you can create reports that show you everything you need to know. You can see who’s up to date and who might have missed something important. Plus, all this info is live and can be reached through our special tech setup (API).

Why Chainformation?

Chainformation makes sure you’re always in the know about how your business info is being used. This is super important for keeping your brand strong and your customers happy

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