Run, manage and support your chain more efficiently

Join the leading cloud based communication engagement and compliance platform for chains and franchises, make it easy for staff to follow routines and concept

Manage your concept digitally – with Chainformation!

We love chains and franchises!

We know how hard it can be to keep track of everything from individual staff members to overall compliance and the direction your company’s heading in. Most people are busy enough just getting their day-to-day job done. How much easier would it be if people felt engaged understanding why it’s important!

That’s why we created Chainformation, a cloud-based platform that’s designed to make it easy for in-store staff to follow protocols and established routines.

Seven clear advantages for your chain by going digital and cloud

  • Go from clutter to clarity with handbooks and checklists synced across all devices
  • Reduce pressure on your support team by cutting out manual work
  • Rapid setup and time-to-cashflow for new staff and stores
  • Targeting the relevant communication to the right members of the team , your internal social network
  • Reduce internal e-mail with over 60%, with a common hub in the cloud
  • Increase ability to secure a high quality and consistent service across multiple locations
  • Consolidate all your disparate apps, systems and services into one integrated cloud platform