Handbooks & Manuals

Keep Your Brand DNA Updated and Available

Your Operation Manuals contain the DNA of your Brand, your reason for existence! Make sure all relevant parts of it are easily available to every level of your workforce. With Chainformation’s Handbooks & Manuals you get powerful tools to keep it updated, available by Roles and Position. This means everyone only accesses the info they need without wasting time on things that’s not relevant to them. Plus, they can check this info from anywhere, on any device.

Key Benefits

Easy to Share

Quickly send handbooks or documents to your team. Control who can see what to keep everything relevant.

Access from Anywhere

Whether using a phone, tablet, or computer, your team can view important documents anytime, anywhere

Stay Organized

Organize your content easily. Smart Tags and effective Search makes it easy for staff to find what they need, when they need it. It’s on-the-job power.

How It Works

Update any pages and content directly on-line. Add photos, files, links or videos to enhance your information. Any updates generate automatic push-notification to relevant recipients. Mandatory Read-Log secure it’s read.

Why Chainformation?

Our Handbooks & Manuals feature gives your operations manual the special attention it deserves. It’s built for making information sharing within your business simple and efficient.

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