More value with our flexible pricing model

Scalable to meet the needs of your growing franchise network

$75 /location/mon

€62 /location/mon

Get everything in ONE PLAN

• Cancel your subscription at anytime
• Price per location, NOT per user
• ALL features included
• Free support (for administrators)
• Volume discounts
• Integration options

Basic On-boarding & Training for your Admins is a one-time fee of $/€ 890.00 Other set-ups can be customized to your needs.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

On-boarding support

Chainformation’s guided on-boarding and support helps new customers to quickly and efficiently set up and utilize the platform to its fullest potential. With a Customer Success Manager, new customers receive personalized guidance and training to ensure a smooth transition to the platform. This results in faster adoption and improved overall satisfaction with your users.

All modules are included

Your subscription includes all available modules and features and you automatically get access to any new released feature and improvements. No hidden costs or fees for “upgrading..”

Free admin support

Free support via video meeting and email is included for Head Office administrators regarding Chainformation standard modules. Standard Support with 12 hours response time.

FAQ for Buyers

Costs and licenses

A Unit is the same as an operating unit/location in your business, eg shop, restaurant, office, site, franchisee. Each Unit employs people who in Chainformation are called Colleagues. You activate and manage all colleagues/user accounts on each Unit.

No, Chainformation can only have a license agreement with one counterpart and it is always the central organization/brand owner.

No, if you have many users there is an import feature that will create all user accounts automatically by importing an Excel file. You MUST however use the specified Excel template provided by Chainformation. Contact Chainformation support for assistance.

You do this under the menu Our organization then Colleagues or Units. You can choose to, for example, let your local managers handle their staff’s user accounts.

You decide this yourself by specifying these rights for the Roles you choose in the setup. Example: the Role SuperAdmin, must have rights in “Organization Manager Centrally” set to Administrate. The role of Restaurant/Store Manager should have Organization Manager locally set to “Write”.

You have a Base Price, as a minimum cost, which includes X number of Unit licenses. How many are specified in your Agreement. In addition to the Base Price, you will be charged a fixed license and service fee per month for each additional Unit you have activated in Chainformation. You activate and manage new Units yourself. “Menu/Our Organisation/Units”

Help, support and upgrades

Most Agreements include free support for Chainformation’s standard functions, this is stated in your Subscription Agreement. We have very limited options to provide support that is not related to the Chainformation core platform. If, in rare cases this can be managed it’s charged according to the current hourly price list.

Support is provided to those who are centrally responsible for the Chainformation platform in your organization. Chainformation does not offer support to your end users.

If you have some sort of problem, use the “I need help”-function in the platform.

Support requests are answered within 12 hours during normal workdays Mon-Fri.

Support is only provided for Chainformation standard functions, not for customized solutions, integrations, hardware or third-party applications. Support cases are prioritized by Chainformation, but we try to handle all requests as fast as possible.

In the Chainformation User Guide library, there are user manuals for all functions.

Chainformation continuously develops the platform with new and improved functions, both for browsers and apps. Upgrades and service releases are automatically rolled out to all customers and you do not have to do anything. A couple of days before an upgrade, there will be a message at the login box and inside the platform informing about the date and time of the update.

In cases where it is considered necessary, we send out emails with instructions and manuals on new functions. This is sent to the people who are SuperAdmins on the platform.

If you have some sort of problem, use the “I need help”-function in the platform. Describe the error as detailed as you can, if possible also attach a screenshot. Support will contact you if they have any questions, to let you know that the problem is resolved or the expected time until a solution is in place (depending on how serious the error is).

Features and services

No, there are no technical restrictions other than that we recommend that you do not upload single files or batches of multiple files larger than 900MB in the same upload. This does not apply to videos, which can be up to 3GB/file

A certain storage volume is included in your Agreement, if you upload more than what is included, you will be charged a small additional fee and it’s not a budget breaker. If you don’t want to pay for extra storage, you can easily clean out the file library and the fee will be gone next month.

Yes, it is possible to have your own unique domain/URL. Contact Chainformation support for details.

Yes, under Menu: Global Settings you can specify your own e-mail SMTP server as the sender and thus choose which address to send out from. This is highly recommended since it will reduce the risk of messages being caught in spam filters.

No, Chainformation does not develop features or modules for individual customers. If you have very specific needs, we suggest that you contact a web agency/developer who can build what you need and then integrate this with Chainformation via API (see section on integration below). Many customers have built very successful integrations with self-developed modules.

You can also send a request for a certain functionality to Chainformation Support. We collect all customers’ requests and when there is enough requests for the same type of functionality, Chainformation can decide to prioritize and develop it as a standard function. A standard function will be made available for all customers. This creates a powerful eco-system where all customers benefit.

No. Neither Apple nor Google allows an app to have different names and icons. It is far too costly and complex to maintain completely unique apps for customers, it would increase the customer’s costs by hundreds of Euros per month. However, as soon as a user has logged on, the app is customer unique.

Integration and connections

Technical integration with Chainformation is performed by the customer’s technical consultants with support from Chainformation.

The Chainformation platform is built on internal REST APIs and this means that you can both read and write data for most functions in the platform. To access the API, you need to contact Chainformation support to get a so-called API token and addresses to the various public APIs that exist. Transaction costs and volume restrictions may be incurred depending on how many requests are to be made.

Technical integration with Chainformation is performed by the customer’s technical consultants with support from Chainformation.

“Integration” is a very wide and unspecified concept, but the short answer is yes, you can connect and integrate to/with Chainformation in many different ways using available APIs.

All types of integrations are customer-unique projects and are not covered by free support.

Chainformation can help in these projects and time spent is charged according to current price list. Technical integration with Chainformation is performed by the customer’s technical consultants with support from Chainformation.

Embedding so-called Iframe code means that you can view other web pages or web services integrated on a Page in the Chainformation platform. This offers a very large selection of opportunities to add features and services. It is very easy to insert Iframe code through the built in “Embed code” feature. In the text editor, select the function “Embed code“, then paste the code in the lower field and save.

Examples of web apps/functions that can be inserted with Iframe:

Free video conference service and booking:
Advanced forms, ordering module:
Streaming Video:
Flowchart, organization charts:
Presentations, PPT slides live: library with hundreds of smart features you can customize and insert:

In cases where Chainformation constitutes the master database for all users and identities in your business, this can be used to control login to other third party systems, platforms and services. Users then only need to log in to Chainformation to access the underlying systems with one click.

To activate SSO connections, you need to contact Chainformation support. There may be additional costs for customization.

Technical integration with Chainformation and third-party systems is performed by the customer’s technical consultants with support from Chainformation.