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The Smarter Way to Collect Answers and Info

Stop the hassle with emailing excel files back and forth, or asking for feedback in chat-threads. Our integrated Form Builder lets you create online forms easily. Use it for surveys, invitations, reports, and more. It’s perfect for collecting the information you need from your locations, no matter where they are. Make a form for anything in 2 min. send it out, and get all the answers in one place.

Key Benefits

Say Goodbye to Chaos

Move all your forms online. It's faster, cleaner, and you won't lose anything.

Quick Answers

Get information from your team fast. No waiting for emails or paper forms to come back.

Easy for Everyone

Making a form is as simple as a few clicks. Anyone can do it, and everyone can fill it out.

How It Works

Choose what questions you want to ask on your form. You can make different kinds of questions like yes/no, multiple choice, or short answers. Once your form is ready, send it to the people you choose. When they answer, you see everything in a report that’s easy to understand.

Why Chainformation?

With our Form Builder, you can collect important information without confusion or delays. It’s designed for businesses with many locations, making sure everyone is on the same page

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