Chainformation customer winning Swedish Franchise Gala awards

Chainformation congratulates our successful customers who took home four of the seven different categories this year. Over the years, many of our customers have been award winners as leading franchise brands – this is no coincidence.

The most prestigious award, franchise chain of the year, was won by Jaktia.

Jaktia is the Nordic region’s largest chain of stores for hunting and fishing equipment and consists of around 60 stores in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
We spoke with Anette Johansson responsible for store support at Jaktia about the importance of being able to collaborate and control the concept using Chainformation:

“We are so proud and happy about the award, great that hard work pays off.

When I take a step back and think about what the flow of information was like before Jaktia World (Chainformation). Back then, it was e-mails, letters, and a bunch of long phone calls, completely impossible to reach out quickly and efficiently with those tools.

At Jaktia World, we have built up our own library filled with information for all stores. We quickly and easily reach selected roles in three countries and can measure the reach of all posts. All communication from the head office to the store goes through Jaktia World. Even the stores reach each other with search warrants for goods, warnings of theft gangs, etc.

Campaigns, concepts, invitations, feedback, trainings, information, marketing, all gathered in one place. “

RUFF Golf wins in two categories, “Franchise of the Future” and “Franchise achievement of the year”
Part of the motivation read: “Building the Franchise of the Future requires innovation, creativity, determination and courage. Especially when developing a concept to a whole new level in an environment where it hasn’t existed before…”
“The winner of franchise achievement of the year is a franchise chain that has completed an expansion that is outstanding combined with good finances…”

IN just a few years, RUFF Golf has grown to 16 units and taken golf from the golf courses and into a golf lounge Sweden has never seen before. At RUFF, they create locations where well-being, socializing and first-class service are at least as important as the precision of the TrackMan 4 simulators they offer.

We spoke to Sofia Tegelman, Operations and Franchise Manager at RUFF Golf how they are working with the Chainformation platform in a rapid expansion:

“Right from the start, it felt important that our organization had a communication platform where we can easily access common information and that we can quickly and easily reach out to everyone in the organization. Via the chat feature I Chainformation, we have a constant flow of questions, prompts or feedback.

Another feature that we see great benefit from is the digital checklists that we have created to ensure that all our locations work according to our concept and SOPs. In the platform, we also share our common documents, templates and tasks.

We feel that we are a world leader in our industry and work hard to develop indoor and range golf. Therefore, we are keen to convey and strengthen our unique concept in service, knowledge and competence. Through our posts about central and local events and effective internal communication, we strengthen our brand both internally, and in the second stage, externally.

To easily follow our employees and their work, we use Chainformation’s statistics where we can quickly provide support or help where needed. Through Chainformation and our strong concept, we can deliver the customer experience that leads the development and changes golf forever.”

“Franchisee of the Year” Farhad and Farshad Amiri (O’Learys Uddevalla and Kungälv)
The jury’s motivation: “The franchisee is the starting point in all franchise systems and therefore this award is one of the most important. However, this year’s winners stand out a little extra – Farhad and Farshad Amiri are driving to provide the best customer experience in large and small. They take new initiatives to improve their own and the chain’s operations, are good at staff care where you always try to see the person and create the right conditions for them, and you have good profitability. They always volunteer their time for the good of the chain!”

O’learys, along with Harry’s and Sing-Sing are part of the Social Eatertainment Group.
Social Eatertainment Group is the owner of world-class brands such as O’Learys, Harrys and Sing Sing. We have ambitious growth plans for the coming years and today have a presence in 13 countries with 140+ Units.

Chainformation has had the privilege of being part of the O’learys Brand journey since 2003 and we spoke to Rasa Jonyte who is Project & Operations Support Manager at SEG about supporting Franchisees:

“Fluent internal (between franchisee and their employees) and external (between us and our franchisees) communication has always been very important for us, and now when we have 3 different brands and 140+ Units in the Social Eatertainment Group portfolio this aspect is having even greater significance.

We have been using the Chainformation platform since 2003, but this platform is so much more than just a communication channel. It also helps us to simplify and streamline daily operations at our venues, become more efficient in operational support and quality assurance within our brands.

With such functions as digital manuals, checklists and statistics reports we can be sure that everyone in our chains get all vital information, follow established routines and protocols. Moreover, it helps us to drive operational compliance and staff engagement.“

About Chainformation
What all our customers have in common is that they have forward leaning management who proactively develop their concepts and seek the best solutions to become more efficient, provide better support for their units and ultimately drive quality, growth and profitability. Chainformation’s platform offers solutions to many of these challenges.

Through the more than twenty years we have been around, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of brands and successful chains of all sizes and industries.
Many have been laureates and received awards – We know that there is an absolute connection.

Chainformation is a web- and app-based platform uniquely developed to support internal communication, daily routines, manuals and concept information in a digital environment.

Digital checklists, deviation and task management are some of the functions that greatly facilitate restaurants, stores or other units in the chain to consistently work according to established routines, guidelines and concepts.

Fast, easy and targeted internal communication is achieved via smart role management in the messenger module, in chat groups, forums and, for example, in file sharing of all types of digital material.

With Chainformation, our customers can expand rapidly; locally, nationally, and globally without losing focus on important internal communication, critical operating routines, customer satisfaction and adherence to concept and brand.

Chainformation typically outperform traditional intranets and communication apps.