E-learning and one-off training sessions are not cutting it when you need staff to be in sync with your Brand Standards

In industries where high staff turnover rates are the norm, such as hospitality and retail, it can be a challenge to maintain consistent levels of service and quality. With new staff constantly joining your local teams, it can be difficult to nail proper training and get them well integrated in following the company’s Brand Standards. Add to this the complexity and spread of a franchise network, and you have yourself a handful.

If you’re a manager of a network of restaurants, gyms or retail locations, you understand the importance of having a well-trained staff that consistently follows your standard operating procedures. You might already have both virtual and physical training and on-boarding processes in play.

But let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

The new guy forgets half the things you told him on his first day!

While e-learning is a great way to provide initial training and give employees a foundation of knowledge, it falls short in securing that employees retain that knowledge over time. It’s the “Forgetting Curve”, which we all are aware of. Research has shown that the biggest drop in retention happens soon after learning.

This is reflected by the steep fall at the start of the Forgetting Curve (see figure 1). Without repeating or reinforcing our learning, our ability to retain the information plummets. For example, you may leave an e-learning or classroom session with your head full of new facts, only to find that you can remember very little of it just hours later.

The best reinforcement of knowledge comes through practice, self-evaluation and repetition. It will develop your “Skills”. A skill is the evolutionary step when going from Knowing to Doing, and you cannot develop skills from scarce training sessions.

This is where the Chainformation Operations Platform as a complement can make a significant difference. 1+1=3 has never been more correct!

The Chainformation Operations Platform provides a powerful complement to traditional e-learning and classroom solutions.

By providing digital checklists and task management software, the platform can help to mitigate the “forgetting curve” and provide ongoing micro-training on every aspect of staffers’ daily tasks and job routines. This interaction with checklists and tasks can greatly improve staff members’ ability to remember, thus being compliant with the Brand’s standard operating procedures.

In addition to customizable checklists and templates, the Chainformation platform also provides integrated Operations Manuals. This means that employees can access all relevant information and knowledge from the manual with just one click when working with a task or checklist.

Chainformation offers powerful role-based permission levels, which means that each employee only has access to the checklists, templates and sections of the Manual that are relevant to their role and responsibilities. This ensures that each employee is supported to their required skill-level, and it also helps to reduce the risk of common mistakes, errors and oversights in daily operations.

Another huge benefit of the Chainformation platform is its real-time performance tracking and reporting feature.

This report feature allows managers to identify areas where staff may be struggling or where additional training may be needed. The platform can also track task completion rates and deviations to set standards, which brings light to identify areas where the organization can improve and optimize its operations.

The platform also serves as a single unified hub for communication, with integrated chat and group messaging it removes the need for a plethora of other chat apps and platforms, simplifying communication and collaboration between staff members. By providing a clear and easy-to-use system for managing their tasks and responsibilities, employees can focus on the important details on the job.

So as a wrap-up, e-learning and one-off staff training sessions are not enough when it comes to ensuring that restaurant and retail staff are in sync with brand standards across all locations in your franchise network. The Chainformation platform offers a comprehensive digital solution that provides ongoing skills-training and on-the-job support like no other system available. Customizable checklists and templates, integrated Operations Manuals, real-time performance tracking, and a single unified hub for communication are the key to operational efficiency.

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