When the Franchise Manual Becomes the Most ‘Supportive’ Tool in the Office – or not!

Picture this: A franchisor proudly reminds the franchisee, “- You know you must keep the Franchise Manual in your office and use it for support.”  The franchisee, with a twinkle in their eye, responds, “- Absolutely, I use it every day. It’s a great support!”

Cut to a scene in the franchisee’s office, where the much-touted Franchise Manual is not being perused for its wisdom but is instead heroically propping up, “supporting” a wobbly desk leg. A metaphorical and literal support, but perhaps not in the way intended.

It brings on a knowing smile – right? But it underscores a serious issue in the world of franchising – the underutilization and frequent obsolescence of the traditional Franchise Manual. These hefty tomes, often painstakingly put together with every detail a franchisee might need, tend to spend more time gathering dust than imparting knowledge. And, just converting your “paper brick” to an equivalent PDF and placing it somewhere in cyberspace – does not improve the outcome.

But what could possibly go wrong?

The Risks of the Dusty Manual

Outdated Information: The world moves fast, and a “brick” manual can become outdated almost as soon as it’s printed. What use is a guide if it’s telling you last year’s information?

Missed Opportunities: When franchisees aren’t up-to-date with the latest strategies, promotions, or compliance requirements, opportunities are missed, and risks are taken – inadvertently or not.

Inconsistency Across the Franchise: If one franchisee is propping up a desk with their manual while another is trying to follow outdated advice, customers are going to get a very different experience depending on where they go.

The Cost of Ignorance: Ignorance, in this case, is certainly not bliss. Not knowing or following the latest best practices, marketing initiatives, or health and safety guidelines can have serious financial and legal implications.

The Modern Solution: Going Digital with Chainformation

In comes Chainformation, the digital savior to ensure your franchise manual is actually read, used, and, most importantly, kept up to date. With Chainformation as your Operations Support Platform:

Always Updated: Say goodbye to outdated information. The digital format ensures that the latest updates are instantly accessible and sent as push notifications to every franchisee.

Role-Based Access: Only the right eyes get to see the right and relevant information.

Easy Access and Use: You can continue propping up desks!; the manual is now conveniently available on every device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Engaging and Interactive: Instead of static pages, Chainformation offers an interactive and engaging way to understand and implement guidelines and strategies. Use a combination of text, images and videos to have your message hit home even with Gen Z staffers.

Track Usage and Compliance: Not only can you make sure everyone has the latest information, but you can also track who’s actually reading and using it – no more guesswork. Add to this digital checklists and no important routines will ever be missed again.

Watch a 2 min video to give you the “quick’n dirty” on Chainformation: https://vimeo.com/344081163

Conclusion: From Desk Support to Business Support

While the previous image of a franchise manual as a makeshift furniture fix might give us a chuckle, it highlights a real, and important challenge that many franchises face. Chainformation offers a practical, modern solution that turns the once dusty manual into a dynamic tool – ensuring that the support it provides extends far beyond the physical.

So, let’s embrace the future of franchising with open arms and digital manuals. Who knows, your desks might have to find another way to stay level!

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