Digital checklists

Checklists that gets the job Done

Love them or hate them, but checklists are powerful in getting things done and tracked – even more so in a multi-location network. Chainformation has digital checklists, task management and form builder, all completely customizable for your operational needs. Here are some common examples of activities that can be supported and simplified.


Daily opening and closing routines


Cleaning routines and check-ups


Implementation of marketing and merchandising


Internal polls, surveys and tests


Fire safety and security rounds


New location opening process


Weekly, monthly or quarterly routines

Ensure that routine tasks are actually completed

With digital checklists, you can maintain adherence to standards, drive consistent high quality by ensuring that critical operating routines are implemented, verified and monitored. For staff, checklists will provide support and guidance when it comes to what they need to do, how and when they need to do it.

A checklist in Chainformation can be created for all types of recurring activities and tasks.
– Set which Role or function is responsible for completing.
– Set recurring schedules for when and how frequent the checklist automatically will be activated.
– Set required Mandatory photo for visual verification of selected checkpoints. 

Employees fill out a checklist by entering “OK” or “Not OK” for every checkpoint. They can write comments and attach photos or videos with further information or as proof that the assignment has been completed.

Checklists can be created by the central management team and shared to all locations across the network. Alternatively, you can create templates for local units to customize and take ownership of. Checklists can also be displayed in different languages depending on which country they’re shared to.

Comprehensive reports provide management with information and feedback on deviations or checklists that have not been completed in time. Reports are created in real-time so corrective action can be taken before a minor issue turns into a big problem.

Access to reports and data can be customized and all data can be accessed live through our API-interface.

Form builder

With the integrated Form-builder module, you can create internal online forms and publish them to selected target groups or individuals. All responses can be viewed in a live report or exported to Excel. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and long waits by assigning Forms to selected team members. Create smart Forms and Conditional Logic with a few clicks.  

Typical tasks that can be automated and solved with forms include:

  • Internal surveys and polls
  • Invitations to events, training sessions, etc.
  • Error and deviation reports for equipment, deliveries, etc.
  • Support requests
  • Campaign monitoring and evaluation
  • Staff onboarding and knowledge tests

Task Manager

Create Tasks and assign to selected Users for completion with or without deadlines. Integrated status reports for full overview on all Tasks, and reminders can be pushed to mobile apps.

Access levels allow local managers (franchisees) to create, assign and monitor Tasks for their local staff. Central managers can share Tasks across the network.