One unified communication hub

An integrated social network for seamless communication

Clear, consistent and fast communication is the blood stream in any business in general, and a for geographically dispersed franchise in particular. Chainformation is the single, unified hub that brings efficient communication between franchisors and franchisees. But also to franchisees and their teams. Chatgroups, streams and forums are not only familiar tools for all staffers today, but expected and required. How many Gen Zs even use e-mail and anything that’s not on the mobile?!

With Chainformation, users easily recognize the interface because it’s just like other social platforms, and they intuitively know how to find stuff and start sharing posts, photos, videos, comments, likes, tags and more without any training. 

Fully customizable communication channels

At the core of Chainformation is the Role-based permission set-up. It allows you to control if social communication is to be open or limited for selected Roles or completely disable the feature for others. Do you have multi-unit owners/operators in your network? No problem, just create a Cluster of Units and all Users within that Cluster can be allowed to interact , but only with each other.

For topic-specific discussions, there’s also the Forum feature, where all or a selection of Users can interact. 

We also guarantee that you’ll have full ownership of all information and that there’ll be no “prying” eyes or other entities being granted access.

Automatic news post and push notifications

Important updates and news that’s shared in the platform will automatically generate a posting in Users News Feed, and send push notifications to the Chainformation mobile App. Read-statistics shows who did, and more important, who did not read posted information. 

Manage cross-network communications on your terms – from the top down, across departments or only the individuals you choose. You set the rules.